About Us



Our Vision:

Wapato Valley Church is a Regional Christian Church centered in Gaston.  We endeavor to be a light of the gospel to the people in the town of Gaston, the surrounding hillsides, and the adjacent cities of the Wapato/Yamhill Valley.

Our Mission:

We believe that God is on a mission to restore all things under his heavenly rule and that he has created and called his people, the church, to represent and advance Messiah Jesus' rule in this world. To this end we believe that Wapato Valley Church exists to do three things:

1. Represent Jesus
2. Advance the Gospel 
3. Make Apprentices


Our Strategy:

In order to accomplish our mission, we have chosen to devote ourselves to three main pursuits:

1. The Presence of God
2. Spiritual Formation
3. Post-Christian Mission


Our Structures:

In order to become a resilient church in a post-Christian world, we believe we need to reintegrate the whole of our lives around the recovery of the three essential social structures we find not only in Scripture, but also in virtually every culture throughout history but ours:

1. Family
2. Household
3. Community/City


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