To build passion and awareness for missions within the church family and promote participation in the Great Commission.  

The mission team brings opportunities to participate in missions through conferences, service, prayer and giving; we want to broaden the understanding of the Great Commission.  We want to grow a heart for people in need by encouraging and supporting the mission interest.  There are also opportunities to act as a liason between current missionaries and our home church, as well as to recommend new missionaries/missions for Wapato to support

Missionaries We Support:

Rob & Martine Karch in Quebec - Serving with WorldVenture in Quebec
Ministry Focus: Serving through evangelism, discipleship and restoration with children-at-risk and in marginalized communities.

Titus & Stephanie Folden in USA - Currently in the USA, preparing to serve in Madrid, Spain December 15, 2019
Ministry Focus: Evangelizing, disciple making, and have planted churches in Quebec, Canada, and served in Littleton, CO.

Jesse & Jenny Navarro in Mexico - Serving with Kings Kids in Guaymas, Mexico
Ministry Focus: Sharing the love of Christ by ministering to the community of Guaymas at large, specifically to children, orphaned or in need of shelter.

Brandon & Bethany Baird in MexicoServing with Kings Kids in Guaymas, Mexico
Ministry Focus:  Support and Equip people to better the future of our children.  

Jason & Sarah Koppen in Flagstaff Arizona - Serving at Indian Bible College                                                                                                                      Ministry Focus: To disciple and educate Indigenous Native Christians.  To gain a lifetime of biblical ministry and spiritual leadership to their people and the world.                


Contact: Mike or Cheri Morey, at ffmike42@hotmail.com or quiltercheri@hotmail.com