Training & Equipping


Let's face it, following Jesus is hard. We believe everyone who endeavors to follow Jesus needs to be trained in how to obey his commands, engage critically and compassionately with the world around them, and to reproduce and multiply his life in others. To this end, disciples of Jesus will need to be equipped with the practical knowledge and methods necessary to fulfill their role within his mission. Just as everyone who joins the military must go through basic training, we too are working hard to design a boot camp to help people learn what it means to follow Jesus in our contemporary culture.




Household Discipleship Training


(This course has concluded.)  We all know the command: “Go, make disciples of all nations”. It’s so familiar, yet so fuzzy. A goal like this seems so unreachable, so undoable. Isn’t this a job for the professionals? After all, what can we really do? If this is our mission, how in the world are we supposed to accomplish it? The answer is simple: one home at a time.

All of us know people within our sphere of influence who need Jesus—family members, neighbors, co-workers, classmates—yet we often lack the confidence or know-how to reach out to them. Not anymore. Beginning Sunday February 11 at 6:30pm, we will be hosting a 10-12 week training course at Wapato Valley Church designed to give you the tools and skills necessary to actually make apprentices of Jesus both in and through your family and in your small group or house church.

At this training you’ll learn how to…

  • Host meals, especially the Lord’s Table
  • Facilitate disciple-making rhythms in your home
  • Engage in spiritual conversations with those far from God
  • Share the good news in a compelling manner
  • Tell your Jesus story more effectively
  • Pray for the community in which you’re planted
  • Map out your relationships and contacts 
  • Develop a mission statement & strategy for your household
  • And much more…

If you’re intent on getting serious when it comes to learning how to make disciples of Jesus for yourself, this training is for you. Contact Josh Morgan to sign up or for more information. Together we can turn this community upside down for Jesus!

Weekly Audio/Visuals/Handouts:

Week 1: Foundations of Discipleship (Tools #1 & #2)  Audio Visuals

Week 2: The Lord's Table (Tool #3)  Audio

Week 3: Oikos Map (Tool #4)  Audio Drawing

(Bonus Content: Spiritual Coversation Starters)  Handout

Week 4: Foundations of the Gospel (Tool #5)  Audio Visuals

(Bonus Content: Kérugma in Acts)  Handout

Week 5: Gospel Drawing (Tool #5)  Audio Drawing

Week 6: The Three Thirds Process (Tool #6)  Audio Visuals Handout

Week 7: A Discipleship Strategy (Tool #7)  Audio Visuals Handout

Week 8: Life Mapping (Tool #8)  Audio Visuals Whiteboard Example

Week 9: Story-Formed Life (Tool #9)  Audio Handout

Week 10: Prayer Strategies (Tools #10 & #11)  Audio Visuals

Week 11: House of Peace Search (Tool #12)  Audio Visuals Whiteboard Example

Week 12: Putting it All Together  Audio (Visuals in progress)






The Story of God


(This course has concluded.) The first leg of this training is a 7-month long, weekly course called The Story of God which is designed to equip potential disciples with a comprehensive understanding of the overall themes and thrust of the whole Bible. It is our hope that in better understanding the story Jesus believed he came to fulfill we might better learn who he is, what he means for this world, and how we might follow him.

Weekly Audio/Visuals:

Week 1: The Bible as Story  Audio Visuals

Week 2: Setting the Stage  Audio Visuals

Week 3: A Place for Us  Audio Visuals

Week 4: A Cast of Characters Audio Visuals

Week 5: The Plot Thickens Audio Visuals

Week 6: A Rescue Mission Audio Visuals Bookmark Bubbles

Week 7: The Divine Warrior Audio Visuals

Week 8: The Sinai Covenant Audio Visuals

Week 9: The Wilderness Audio Visuals

Week 10: Torah and King: Audio Visuals

Week 11: Conquest, Collapse, and Covenant Audio Visuals

Week 12: A Tale of Two Kings Audio Visuals

Week 13: Kingdom Come Audio Visuals

Week 14: The Branch Audio Visuals

Week 15: The Suffering Servant Audio Visuals

Week 16: Singer of Songs Audio Visuals

Week 17: Kaleidoscopic Wisdom Audio Visuals

Week 18: Mark of the Beast Audio Visuals

Week 19: Exile and Beyond Audio Visuals

Week 20: The One Who Was to Come Audio Visuals

Week 21: A Kingdom Manifesto Audio Visuals

Week 22: Crux Audio Visuals

Week 23: The Dust Off Their Feet Audio Visuals

Week 24: Revelation Audio Visuals